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Next generation time tracking.
Get paid for the value you create!

Say goodbye to not getting paid for your work. Experience value-based tracking and get paid for your outstanding results and not only the hours. Perfect for freelancers and remote-companies!

Timebridge - because each "man-year" is individual. 

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Our benefits at a glance.

Timebridge was created to improve our time tracking and to charge our clients based on the true value, not just based on an hourly rate. Since we´ve benefit a lot from it, we are releasing it now for everyone!

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Value based tracking
Get paid for the value you bring to the table, not necessarily the hours it took.
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Workload per client
Auto-track the workload per client for more accurate invoices and plannings.
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Allocation of costs
Allocate costs based on the benefit you have brought to your clients.
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Fix cost assignment
Automatically allocate all your fix costs to your clients if appropriate.
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Better estimations
Give better cost estimations for future projects, thanks to our value based tracking.
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Detect inconsistencies
Scan entries with ease and detect inconsistencies for most accurate plannings and bills.
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Easiest set-up
Get started with a few clicks and us it with the time-tracker you like the most.
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Worker Council Approved
Tracking with the highest data security in mind - for you, your employees and your clients.
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More precise tracking.
More revenue.

Timebridge - your efficient tool for precise analysis and categorization of employee time enables you to make sound time estimates for future projects. Automatic allocation of fixed costs gives you the chance to negotiate better terms and significantly maximize your revenue!

Put value above hourly rates.
Get paid for your work!

Our guiding principle is to create real value for customers. Go beyond traditional hourly billing by carefully assessing the complexity and impact of a task. Present invoices that reflect the true value of your work and build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual success.

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Approved by worker council. GDPR compliant.

Summarize time per customer, project, and sprint while ensuring compliance with worker council regulations. Detect discrepancies in entries with automatic notifications. Download summaries for your clients, with all data handled anonymously and in full compliance with GDPR.

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Get paid for the value you create! Just with Timebridge.

We offer Timebridge on a monthly or annual basis. Our annual packages come with a 20% discount and with a test phase of 60 days - if you are not satisfied we refund you! For our monthly payments we have set up a test period of seven days for the first month of your abo.


If you have any questions regarding Timebridge, feel free to contact us.


There is a Timebridge package for everyone. For Freelancer we have special offers, starting from € 19,95 for the Standard Package, and € 34,95 for the Business Package for one person per month - just select "Freelancer", once clicked on "Purchase!".

Best Value
Business Package
€ 69,95 / month*
*20 % Discount on annual payment
  • price for up to 25 team members

  • additional member € 3.00 per user

  • freelancer price (1 person): € 34,95 /month*

  • single sign-on

  • unlimited projects / clients

  • value tracking

  • manual & automatic fix cost assignment

  • Excel data extraction for manual invoicing

  • auto-transfer of data for auto-invoice generation via specialized provider

  • manually and automatically set event tags 

  • auto event tracking of Office 365 Apps (unlimited)

  • auto event tracking of messenger Apps (unlimited)

  • in-depth analysis and reports (all options)

  • data inconsistency check

  • automatic notifications if inconsistencies

  • time/ value estimation for new projects

  • weighted allocation of resources (unlimited)

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